Accessing the Supercomputer within

Alarik Arenander

Presentations and Tools
to Maximize
Brain Functioning

Alarik Arenander, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO, BrainMatrix, Inc.

  • Expert on brain science and human potential
  • Leading authority on complementary and alternative medicine
  • Active researcher in brain mechanisms of mind/body health

Professional Speaker—Alarik has provided clear, motivating, impactful, and informative presentations for conferences, businesses, associations, and institutions for over 35 years.

Presenting knowledge and tools to transform social, educational, medical, and business challenges in a rapidly changing world into growth and success.

“Alarik is superb as a lecturer, demonstrating by his own virtuosity the incredible vigor and potential of the human brain.”
—Richard Bialosky, AIA

 “Alarik is one of the most gifted and engaging public speakers in America…Alarik delivers not a speech, but a real experience to his audience…so they find personal relevance in his brilliant explanations and anecdotes. Alarik Arenander is one of those rare talents whom people may hear only once yet remember years later.”
—Walter Reifslager III, CEO World Pavilions

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