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Nourish Your Brain

Anti-aging Techniques & the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

Your brain is everything; take good care of it for a long and healthy life.

This keynote challenges the current fear and misunderstanding about aging, the brain, and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The latest scientific knowledge about aging suggests the brain begins to disconnect around age 30 and progresses at a rate determined primarily by known risk factors.

Learn what these factors are and how the ancient medical science of Ayurveda can help overcome the fear of AD by offering practical powerful techniques to reverse the aging process and delay or prevent the onset of AD.

Understanding the process of aging and memory loss, the progression towards Alzheimer’s disease.

An inspiring lecture from a dynamic speaker who makes complex brain functioning understandable and enjoyable for lay people and professionals alike features a wealth of practical tips for keeping the brain healthy and operating at its full potential.

  • Keeping Your Brain Young and Healthy
  • Aging, Memory and Brain Function
  • The Crucial Role of the Brain’s Glial Cells
  • Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer’s
  • AyurVedic Medicine’s Impact on Longevity
  • Hidden Secrets for Preventing and Healing Alzheimer’s

Program Length: Presentations can be created from 45 minute keynote, to half or full day seminar. Custom topics are available upon request.

Speaking Fee: Contact us to obtain current fees for speaking. Fees include normal travel and hotel expenses, as well as recording considerations & educational materials.

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