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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Enhanced Brain Integration for Maximum Recovery

TBI is brain disconnection; Create brain coherence to heal and maximize rehabilitation efforts.

This keynote clearly describes the enormous importance of the prefrontal cortex (PFCX) in orchestrating our lives and the lives of TBI survivors. The PFCX is probably the most under-utilized and under-appreciated module of brain function and is implicated in many, if not most cases of TBI. Discover techniques that exist which can greatly enhance the executive functions, giving TBI individuals more emotional support, greater clarity of thought and action, more insight and motivation, less impulsiveness and anger, less substance abuse, and improved self-image. Learn how, by improving awareness and enhancing global brain function, one can increase PFCX executive function and greatly improve TBI recovery.

Understanding the mechanics of neural dysfunction in brain injury survivors and techniques to enhance recovery.

An inspiring lecture from a dynamic speaker who makes complex brain functioning understandable and enjoyable for lay people and professionals alike. Features a wealth of knowledge about integrative brain functions, and practical tips for keeping the brain healthy and operating at its full potential.

  • TBI as a fundamental problem of brain imbalance and incoherence
  • Central role of the prefrontal cortex in TBI and recovery
  • Predictors of TBI outcomes
  • Optimal treatment strategies of TBI individuals
  • Enhancing brain coherence for TBI recovery
  • TBI as a major risk factor for aging disorders and Alzheimer’s
  • Understanding the consequences of injuring the developing brains of children

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