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Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Healing ADHD from Within

Drugs shouldn’t be necessary; alternative, drug-free treatment can help ADHD children.

This keynote inspires parents, teachers and their children to understand the core difficulty in the brains and minds of children with ADHD. Learn how through proper, early intervention with non-drug techniques, this epidemic and educational nightmare can be eliminated and allow children to grow up to enjoy heir full potential as drug-free, fulfilled and successful members of society.

Understanding the mechanics of developmental brain dysfunction in ADHD and techniques designed to either prevent ADHD or to dramatically improve symptoms in a natural way.

An inspiring lecture from a dynamic speaker who makes complex brain functioning understandable and enjoyable for lay people and professionals alike. Features a wealth of knowledge about integrative brain functions during child development, and practical strategies for enlivening mind-body health and a child’s full potential.

  • ADHD is as a developmental disorder due to brain imbalance and incoherence
  • Central role of the prefrontal cortex in ADHD behavior
  • Dysfunction of decision-making, attention, and reward behind ADHD behavior
  • Research on alternative, non-drug treatment approaches
  • Optimal treatment strategies of ADHD individuals
  • Enhancing brain coherence for ADHD recovery

Program Length: Presentations can be created from 45 minute keynote, to half or full day seminar. Custom topics are available upon request.

Speaking Fee: Contact us to obtain current fees for speaking. Fees include normal travel and hotel expenses, as well as recording considerations & educational materials.

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