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Brain-Based Education Works

Educating the Whole Child for a Life of Success and Well-Being

Our society will fail if we do not develop the ‘whole’ child—a child full of happiness, creativity, intelligence, compassion and wisdom.

This keynote reveals the basis of educating the whole child can be located in the brain physiology. The orderliness of brain function and its progressive development during the child’s educational experience helps to mold the physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual values of every young citizen. If you desire to develop your creative potential to the fullest, you must enliven the total brain. Learn about the natural experience of the source of thought, Transcendental Consciousness, which is the only human experience that is completely holistic and unbounded in nature, and its ability to awaken the total potential of brain functioning. Hundreds of scientific studies document the enlivenment of total brain functioning and a state of well-being.

Understanding the research-based fundamentals and techniques for the full development of human potential.

An inspiring lecture from a dynamic speaker who makes complex brain functioning understandable and enjoyable for lay people and professionals alike. Features a wealth of knowledge about integrative brain functions and the growth of children’s mind and body.

  • The evolving role of education in society
  • How educational experience in developing the brain
  • Self-development across a continuum of human awareness
  • The prefrontal cortex as the nexus of human development
  • Brain coherence, working memory and sense-of-self
  • Research-based strategies for enlivening total brain function

Program Length: Presentations can be created from 45 minute keynote, to half or full day seminar. Custom topics are available upon request.

Speaking Fee: Contact us to obtain current fees for speaking. Fees include normal travel and hotel expenses, as well as recording considerations & educational materials.

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